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to Pramod, rachna, me, Chandra, Kailash, kamlesh, Keralites

mayaji was acting upon instructions from her chief minister and at last when the court sentenced her for life imprisonment for participating in naroda killings, her CM wanted to give her capital punishment and he told the press that he is going to file a writ petition, but later nothing happened.  after hearing the comment of her CM maya fell to severe depression and wanted to finish her life.  this is simple cheating of a follower by a politician, what do you say?  tell me honestly my dear friends, i do not want any congress ministry at centre, modi or somebody will run the country because we are in democracy, it makes no difference to me as i am an old man


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.ICS Menon,


What do you say about 56 - Ram Kar Sewak which were burnt alive without any their fault by the Ghosi Muslman of Godhra . Ghosi Muslman  are the very strong vote bank of Congress since long & they get every kind of support from Congress in their all notorious activities. This time they have received a befitting reply  why so much hues & cry. I once again  asked your stands in case of 56 Ram Kar Sewak burnt alive.


Ln.P.K. Agrawal




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read the following link and do you want to create more mayas all over india?





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कांग्रेस पार्टी और सोनिया गांधी के समर्थकों को राष्ट्रेद्रोही ही मानना चाहिए क्योंकि देशद्रोहियों की बात करना भी देशद्रोह ही है 


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Dear Chandra. Segaran. Krishnan Nairji,


Like Arvind Kejerewal & party, I.C. Menen is also the agent of CIA & ISI in India.

There are lot of others also  like these, those get fund from Ford Foundation to destabilized the peace of India and its hormones. They should be dealt with form hands. 



Ln. P.K. Agrawal 


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Dear ICS Menon


I have appended herewith a message below I received sometime ago which is in itself,is self explanatory as to why we should not elect congress to power.If you are  truly a  

HINDU AS YOU CLAIMED TO BE AND A  CONCERNED INDIAN you should not only stop canvassing for congress but muster enough support to oust this corrupt congress party from power SAVING INDIA in the processes.

You can get to know the true facts reading the article below,that's why we are vehemently against congress.Congress is only a front used by Sonia Gandhi and gang(When I said gang I  mean the cronies) to strip the country of all its resources and enrich themselves.Unless you are party to this grand design you will definitely change your stance supporting congress.

Anyway why should the ruling class be from Nehru family and their circle.This family has no moral ground to lead India in the first place with all the dirt they have accumulated over the years.It is already 60odd years this family have been using congress and ruling the country with their clenched fist.Their lopsided policies favoring reservation on religious and minorities ground have caused a big divide amongst Indians.Time has come to unseat this family for good from the helm. 



Sonia Gandhi - A Blot on the Nation

by Mark Tully

Sir William "Mark" Tully, OBE. He worked for BBC for a period of 30 years before resigning in July 1994. He held the position of Chief of Bureau, BBC, Delhi for 20 years Padma Shree, KBE, Padma Bhushan, one of the most respected journalists in the world, writes on Indian Politics: An eye opener account, not known to most of the Indians.

"I can say without the shadow of a doubt that when history will be written, the period over which she (Sonia Gandhi) presided, both over the Congress and India, will be seen as an era of darkness, of immense corruption and of a democracy verging towards autocracy, if not disguised dictatorship, in the hands of a single person, a non-Indian   and a Christian like me. Truth will also come out about her being the main recipient for kickbacks from Bofors to 2G, which she uses to buy votes."

The sun has already set; darkness is just about to start. Do you blame it on bankruptcy/blindness of Congress or country's misfortune. It is both. Now read the complete analysis, which follows. THE TRUTH THE HIDDEN FACTS. I was surprised when the Congress party gave me a Padma Shri – I am the   only foreign journalist to ever get it. For, in my forty years of political reporting in India, I have always been a vocal critic of the Nehru dynasty. Someone even called me recently: “a vitriolic British journalist, who in his old age chose to live back in the land he never approved”.

It started with Operation Blue Star. I was one of the few western correspondents who criticized Indira. As I have said since then numerous times, the attack on the Golden Temple and the atrocities that followed the army operations, produced in all sections of the Sikhs a sense of outrage that is hard today to alleviate. I believed then that the large majority of Hindu India, even if politically hostile to Indira Gandhi, openly identified with – and exulted in – her will to overwhelmingly humble a recalcitrant minority.

As everybody knows, Indira Gandhi helped my fame grow even more, by wanting to imprison me during the Emergency she clamped and finally throwing me out of India for a short while. But the result was that the whole of India tuned in, then and thereafter, to my radio’s broadcasts, ‘The Voice of India’, to hear what they thought was ‘accurate’ coverage of events.

When Rajiv Gandhi came to power, I first believed that he was sincerely trying to change the political system, but he quickly gave-up when the old guard would not budge. I criticized him for his foolish adventure in Sri Lanka, although I felt sorry for him when he was blown to pieces by Dhanu, the Tamil Tiger.

It is in Kashmir, though that I fought most viciously against his Govt and subsequent Congress ones for its human right abuses on the Kashmiri Muslims of the Valley. The Congress Governments tried indeed several times to censor me and the army even took prisoner my Kashmiri stringer, whom I had to rescue by the skin of his teeth. I am also proud that I was the first one to point out then, that the Indian Government had at that time no proof of the Pakistani involvement in the freedom movement in Kashmir. 

Thus I always made it a point to start my broadcasts by proclaiming that the Indian Government accuses Pakistan of fostering terrorism», or that “elections are being held in Indian-controlled Kashmir”…As I was so popular, all the other foreign journalists used the same parlance to cover Kashmir and they always spoke of the plight of the Muslims, never of the 400.000 Hindus, who after all were chased out of their ancestral land by sheer terror (I also kept mum about it).

As for Sonia Gandhi, I did not mind her, when she was Rajiv Gandhi’s wife, but after his death, I watched with dismay as she started stamping her authority on the Congress, which made me say in a series of broadcasts on the Nehru Dynasty: “It’s sad that the Indian National Congress should be completely dependent on one family; the total surrender of a national party to one person is deplorable. You have to ask the question: what claims does Sonia Gandhi have to justify her candidature for prime-ministership? Running a country is far more complicated than running a company. Apprenticeship is required in any profession — more so in politics”.

I heard that Sonia Gandhi was unhappy about this broadcast. Then, after President APJ Abdul Kalam called her to the Raj Bhavan and told her what some of us already knew, namely that for a long time, she had kept both her Italian and Indian passports, which disqualified her to become the Prime Minister of India, she nevertheless became the Supreme leader of India behind the scenes. It is then that I exclaimed: “the moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched onto Sonia Gandhi, who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism”.

She never forgave me for that. Yet, today I can say without the shadow of a doubt that when history will be written, the period over which she presided, both over the Congress and India, will be seen as an era of darkness, of immense corruption and of a democracy verging towards autocracy, if not disguised dictatorship, in the hands of a single   person, a non Indian and a Christian like me.Truth will also come out about her being the main recipient for kickbacks from Bofors to 2G, which she uses to buy votes, as the Wikileaks have just shown.

Finally, I am sometimes flabbergasted at the fact that Indians – Hindus, sorry, as most of this country’s intelligentsia is Hindu – seem to love me so much, considering the fact that in my heydays, I considerably ran down the 850 million Hindus of this country, one billion worldwide. I have repented today: I do profoundly believe that India needs to be able to say with pride, “Yes, our civilization has a Hindu base to it.” The genius of Hinduism, the very reason it has survived so long, is that it does not stand up and fight. It changes and adapts and modernizes and absorbs – that is the scientific and proper way of going about it.

I believe that Hinduism may actually prove to be the religion of this millennium, because it can adapt itself to change. Hindus are still slaves to MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS On the name of secularism, lots of facilities and cash incentives are given to Muslims and Christians. Haj subsidy is given to Muslims for Haj yatra,wages of Muslim teachers and Imams are given to Muslims are given by looting the Hindu temples. No such subsidy is given to Hindus for going to Hindu religious places or any wages to Hindu religious priests or Hindu teachers. In fact congress secular government creates many obstacles for Hindus for going to Amarnath Yatra.

Even after 65 years of independence reservation is given on religious grounds while it should have been abolished by this time. If at all reservation or subsidy is needed, then it should be purely on economic grounds rather on the grounds of minorities. Such reservations affect the quality of work. Congress party giving various kinds of allurements to minorities to buy their votes with Hindu money. In the government, many people are with Hindu names but in fact many are Muslims and Christians with Hindu names (**) to fool Hindus and to show in the government, majority   people are Hindus.

** The obvious reference is to Digvijay Singh, Ambika Soni etc...



आप स्वतंत्र कभी नहीं हुए१५ अगस्त, १९४७ को ब्रिटेन ने सत्ता का हस्तान्तरण किया था| इंडिया आज भी ब्रिटिश उपनिवेश है| {भारतीय स्वतंत्रता अधिनियम, १९४७ व अनुच्छेद ६ (ब)(।।) भारतीय संविधान}. ईसाई व मुसलमान सहित इंडिया का हर नागरिक ईसा का भेंड है| हमारे अतिरिक्त किसने विरोध किया?

आप से आप की अपनी ही धरती छीन कर ब्रिटिश उपनिवेश बना लिया और आप जानते तक नहीं! मजहब के आधार पर पुनः दो भाग कर इंडिया और पाकिस्तान बना दिया| (भारतीय स्वतंत्रता अधिनियम, १९४७). (पहले आजादी तो लीजिये|) माउंटबेटन को इससे भी संतुष्टि नहीं हुई| उसने मौत के फंदे व परभक्षी भारतीय संविधान के अनुच्छेद २९(१) का संकलन करा कर सदा सदा के लिए आप की धरती को छीन कर संयुक्त रूप से हत्यारे, लुटेरे और बलात्कारी दास मुसलमानों और ईसाइयों को सौंप दिया| राष्ट्रपति और राज्यपाल वैदिक सनातन संस्कृति को समूल नष्ट करने के लिए भारतीय संविधान के अनुच्छेद २९(१) व दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता की धारा १९६ द्वारा अब्रह्मी संस्कृतियों का परिरक्षण {भारतीय संविधान का अनुच्छेद २९(१) व दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता की धारा १९६}, संरक्षण {अल्पसंख्यक आयोग, मुस्लिम निजी कानून व वक्फ} और प्रतिरक्षण {अज़ान और मस्जिद की प्रतिरक्षा, मदरसों, उर्दू शिक्षकों, मस्जिदों से अज़ान द्वारा ईशनिंदा व अविश्वासियों को कत्ल करने की शिक्षा देने के बदले वेतन और हज अनुदान} करने के लिए भारतीय संविधान के अनुच्छेद ६० व १५९ के अधीन विवश कर दिए गये हैं|