Muj13W43 Muzaffarnagar Riot

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Mujahana• Bilingual-Weekly• Volume 18 Year 18 ISSUE 43, Oct 18-Oct 24, 2013. This issue is Muj13W43 Muzaffarnagar riot

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                       MUZAFFARNAGAR INDIA RIOTS


Registration Number  : PRSEC/E/2013/14997

Name Of Complainant: Shri Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi

Date of Receipt : 15 Sep 2013                                             

Received by    : President's Secretariat

Forwarded to    : HR Division

Contact Address : NDCC Bldg., Jai Singh Road, ND

Contact Number : 24633828

Grievance Description:

Muzaffarnagar (India) Riots “Clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Shamli and Muzaffarnagar, India began 27 August 2013. A girl from the Hindu Jat community was harassed in an Eve-teasing incident by Muslim youths in Kawal village. In retaliation, a Muslim youth named Shahnawaz Qureshi was killed by two brothers of the girl, Sachin Singh and Gaurav Singh. The two brothers were lynched by a Muslim mob when they were trying to escape. The police arrested eleven members of the girl's family for the killing of the Muslim youth. No action was taken by the police against the killers of the Hindu brothers.”

The reason behind not taking action against Muslims is that with the compilation of the Indian Constitution and its adoption, the followers of Vedic Sanaatan Sanskriti have lost their rights of land, liberty, ladies, labour and life. Muslims claim monopoly of raping girls and women of the followers of Vedic Sanaatan Sanskriti. No action, therefore, was called for against Muslim Eve-teasers. Thus Muzaffarnagar Riots are sponsored by the Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution. The Article provides unfettered fundamental right to Christians and Muslims to conserve their cultures of genocide, rape of women and conversion. The President and Governors take oath to preserve, protect and defend Christians and Muslims under Article 60 and 159 respectively. The President and Governors are bound by the Indian Constitution to provide immunity to rapists and butchers under section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Under this section even police and judge cannot complain against Muslims and Christians. Here again, public servants are using the same tactics. While Government of UP has withdrawn cases of hard core Muslim criminals, she is applying the same tactics in conspiracy to eradicate Vedic Sanaatan Sanskriti. The sections 153, 295 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code are not applicable upon Christians and Muslims. Muslim Imams broadcast Azaan from the pulpit of their mosques and from the very place, Imaams preach Muslims to rob Kafirs, rape Kafirs’ women and assassinate Kafirs. These sections were compiled in 1860 AD. Since then till to date, no father or Imaam was ever arrested for their crimes under above sections. However, the police, on Monday, registered an FIR against the MLA, Shivam Kumar, and 229 unidentified persons for sharing the video. They have been booked under Sections 420 (forgery), 153-A (promoting enmity on religious grounds) and 120-B (conspiracy) of the IPC and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act at the Kotwali police station in Muzaffarnagar. It has been also reported that no sooner cartridges of AK 47 were recovered from a Muslim’s house, during the police investigation and search, the operation has been stopped midway. According to police sources, they had instructions from above to do so. Therefore, as long as Bible, Koran Indian Laws and the Indian Constitution survive, the followers of Vedic Sanaatan Sanskriti cannot survive. PRAYER We, the followers of Vedic Sanaatan Sanskriti pray all the heads of nations and Human Rights Activists to help us with all their might to eradicate Christianity and Islam from the face of the earth for their own existence. Yours faithfully:- Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, Ph: 9152579041 (Press Secretary) Dated; Sunday, September 15, 2013y

Current Status        :           CASE CLOSED

Date of Action        :           10 Oct 2013

Details: The request of the petitioner does not warrant any action. No reply to the petitioner is warranted.          (Because Love Jihad is Muslims’ fundamental right.)

Now compare it with Ishrat Jahaan of Gujarat…


Do you know that among all the scripts used around the world ‘Devnaagari’ is the one and only script, which can be read in Chakras of human body? Therefore, the President portal cannot read ‘Devnaagari’. And do you know that the oldest book Rigved is written in Devnaagari Script and Sanskrit language? Computer specialists admit that Sanskrit is the most scientist and suitable language for computers. Yet, you did not feel proud of such a scientific script and language. Do you know why? Because you have been emasculated by Macaulay after annihilation of Gurukuls, since 1835 A.D.. You are supposed to abuse ‘Devnaagari script’.

In his 1891 work History of Circumcision (KHATNA), physician Peter Charles Remondino suggested that it (KHATNA) began as a less severe form of emasculating a captured enemy. penectomy or castration would likely have been fatal, while some form of circumcision would permanently mark the defeated yet leave him alive to serve as a slave. For details see

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun TzuThe Art of War

Christianity and Islam are emasculated cults fabricated to enslave humanity. Christianity and Islam have been created to reduce human beings into dinosaurs. Why should we allow such Indian Constitution survive, which has provided unfettered fundamental right to Muslims and Christians to slay us as per Article 29(1)? It is time to wake up and fight against these cults, as they are threat to humankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims and Christians. As long as Muslims and Christians believe in Muhammad and Jesus, they are a threat to others and even to themselves. Secularism and Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan, (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure. (No freedom of faith). Muslims and Christians must leave their Christianity and Islam, discard their cultures of hate (Azaan that Allah is the only God and declaration that Jesus alone can grant salvation) and join the rest of humankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims and non-Christians must separate themselves from them, ban Christianity and Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and Christians and slay those, who plot against humanity and refuse to integrate. Christianity and Islam are incompatible with humanity and morality. These are warring creeds {(Koran 2:216 and 8:65) and (Bible, Matt 10:34 and Luke 12:49)} that use democracy to destroy humanity and to establish itself as a worldwide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacies of Christianity and Islam and demystify them. Muslims and Christians must be weaned from Christianity and Islam for humanity to live in peace.

I feel pity for the Public servants, who are hired criminals of Democracy. The Indian Constitution converts them into criminals. The rulers of the world need dominance and booty. Therefore, they have been emasculated to serve as slaves. They have no law under which they can save their own women, own properties and own life. When they cannot save themselves, how would they save the people?

Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, Ph: 9152579041 

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Oct 10, 2013, 12:33 PM
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