Judiciary declines RTI


RTI against delay in trial

 'Format of Application for obtaining information under ‘The Right to Information Act 2005’


The Public Information Officer, District Judge, Civil Court, Gorakhpur- 273001

1. FULL NAME OF APPLICANT : Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi,

2. ADDRESS : 77 Khera Khurd, Delhi 110 082


(i) Subject matter of information : That a criminal case bearing case No. 7024 of 2000  State of UP V/s Shiv Mangal and Revision are under trial in Civil Court Gorakhpur and the courts could not serve even charge-sheet to the accused persons. However, the case of Rahul was decided in record time of 7 days.

197. Prosecution of Judges and public servants.

(1) When any person who is or was a Judge or Magistrate or a public servant not removable from his office save by or with the sanction of the Government is accused of any offence alleged to have been committed by him while acting or purporting to act in the discharge of his official duty no court shall take cognizance of such offence except with the previous sanction-

(a) In the case of it person who is employed or, as the case may be, was at the time of commission of the alleged offence employed, in connection with the affairs of the Union, of the Central Government;

(b) In the case of a person who is employed or, as the case may be, was at the time of commission of the alleged offence employed, in connection with the affairs of a State, of the State Government:

(iii) Description of information required : (Details may be attached on additional A4 size paper if required)

(iv) Whether information is required by post or in person : By post

(v) In case by post (Ordinary, Registered or Speed) : Speed post

I want information as to how many years the court would take in deciding the case?

What action the Governor would take against the judges for delay in the case?



Signature of the applicant


Place : Khera Khurd, Delhi

Date : Thursday, December 01, 2011y                                                                    

Reply of RTI

कार्यालय जन सूचना अधिकारी/अपर जिला जज, गोरखपुर.


श्री अयोध्या प्रसाद त्रिपाठी के जन सूचना अधिकार अधिनियम २००५ के अंतर्गत दिए गए प्रार्थना पत्र दिनांकित १.१२.२०११ का अवलोकन किया गया| आवेदक ने फौजदारी वाद संख्या २०७४/२००० स्टेट ऑफ उ० प्र० बनाम शिवमंगल के सम्बन्ध में सूचना मांगी है| इलाहबाद उच्च न्यायलय (सूचना का अधिकार) नियम २००६ के अनुसार

“Cental Public Information Officer will not entertain any Application from any citizen for any information relating to matters, which are pending adjudication before the high court or courts subordinate thereto. The information relating to judicial matters may be obtained as per the procedure prescribed in the Allahabad High Court Rules 1952 and General Rules (Civil/Criminal) respectively.”

दिनांक ०८.१२.२०११

ह्स्ताछरित दिनांक ०८.१२.२०११.

(जय प्रकाश)

अपर जिला जज, गोरखपुर.

जन सूचना अधिकारी,

दीवानी न्यायलय, गोरखपुर