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My dear Janab Asif Ahmed,


I do not have my own version of Koran. I have copies of Koran translated by Pickthal and King Fahd, the ex custodian of Qaba, which is our Kameshwar Mahadev. Your Ali had demolished 359 idols in its vicinity. 

Mosques are broadcasting centres of hating, inciting communal hatred and abusing faiths and deities of non-Muslim faiths. Mosques have no right to survive.

Both killers are thriving today on your ignorance and timidity.

I agree with Daniel Webster who said, "There is no nation on earth 

powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should 

it come at all, will be from another quarter.  From the inattention of the 

people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness 

and negligence. ... I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in 

their public servants... they may be made the dupes of designing men 

and become the instruments of their own undoing."

Making cartoon of Muhammad attracks death for blasphemy. Why should 

we allow Azaan shouted by Imaams? Imaams abuse our Ishwar and our 

Vedic Sanaatan Dharm? Either Sonia must arrest Imaams or quit.

Our 12 officers are in jail for asking our Vedic culture and our country, and

for exercising our right as provided in sec. 102 of the IPC.

We had been promised freedom of faith. Why should we allow Christianity 

and Islam, which enslave humanity including their own followers?

Sadhvi Pragya Ki jai ho. His Holiness Jagat Guru Amritanand Ki jai ho.

Swamy Aseemanand Ki jai ho. Vedic Sanaatan Dharm Ki jai ho. Isaiyat, Marxvad aur Islam ka nash ho.

Give us Ram Rajya promised by Pakpita Gandhi.

Give us freedom promised by the Indian Constitution.

Protect our lives, properties and women, else quit.

May Ishwar help us.

Jehovah, father of Jesus, commands slaughter of one, who persuades for conversion. Sonia must arrest and hang till death, every Christian and Muslim else quit. Christians and Muslims are slaves and strive for servility. We have been promised freedom of faith. Why should we accept salvation of sheep promised by Jesus?

Jesus commands our death for we do not accept Jesus our king. (Bible, Luke 19:27). We have been promised Ram Rajya by Pakpita Gandhi, Why should we accept Rome Rajya of cow and man eater Sonia? (Bible, John 6:53).

Help us set them free. We want our Qaba back. We want Sonia in Jail. You people can't do it. Help us to help you.

Mr. Stephen Gaus in England in contact with Apt

Comments against Sindhies by Aryavrt Government.


That under 50th criminal case I am accused in Malegaon mosque blast conspiracy. We had demolished Babri structure. Nay! We had submitted affidavit in the hand of thief Manmohan Singh Librhan on Jan 15, 2001. The affidavit was stolen by M.S. Librhan, in lieu of bribe of Rs. 10 crores from Advani and Sonia both, and is not on record.

We filed writ petition 15/1993 for ban of Koran in apex court. I had published and distributed two handbills 'MUSALMANON BHARAT CHHODO' and 'ISHWAR ALLAH KAISE BNA'. 2 cases FIRs 78/1993 and 137/1993 were registered against me in Roop Nagar Police Station in North Delhi. I was discharged in both cases on 3rd July, 1997. I got replaced statue of Gandhi with revered Pandit Nathuram Godse on 30-01-1997. For opposing Islam, I faced trial in Press Council of India and was discharged on 25-02-2002. I have been discharged in criminal cases registered in Narela Police Station, Delhi, for opposing Azaan vides FIR No. 110/2001 on 26-02-2005 and for opposing Islam vides FIR No. 10/2001 on 04-02-2010. Two cases FIRs 440/1996 and 484/1996 are still pending with Roop Nagar Police Station for opposing Islam and another two cases FIRs 406/2003 and 166/2006 are pending with Narela Police Station for opposing Christianity and Islam. Another case FIR 127/1997 for replacing Pakpita Gandhi's statue with revered martyr Nathuram Godse is also pending with Roop Nagar Police Station. For details one may read my following blogs,

"We, Vedic Panthies are proud to belong to Vedic Sanaatan Dharm which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. Liberty is our birth right. No one has right to snatch our liberty. We are proud to belong to a nation, which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of earth. While Aryans’ Vedic Culture provided shelter to every faith, secular killer cultures Judaism, Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution is fraud. Judges have taken oath to uphold the very Indian Constitution and laws of land. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. Where is the Maya culture of red Indians of USA? What has happened with them? What has happened with the Parsis and their religion Zoroastrianism? What happened to Pagans? Now, in collusion with Sonia, media is after the last partially survived Vedic culture of black Indians of India. Why are they here in Bharat?

We would face the same annihilation. I have no forum to defeat this fraud.

Now I am seriously ill after poisoning by Tihar Jail doctors. If you wish to survive, may help Aryavrt Government and Abhinav Bharat.

Christianity and Islam are cults. It is time to wake up and fight against these cults, as they are threat to humankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims and Christians. As long as Muslims and Christians believe in Muhammad and Jesus, they are a threat to others and even to themselves. Secularism and Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan, (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure. Muslims and Christians must leave their Christianity and Islam, discard their cultures of hate and join the rest of humankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims and non-Christians must separate themselves from them, ban Christianity and Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and Christians and slay those, who plot against humanity and refuse to integrate. Christianity and Islam are incompatible with humanity and morality. These are warring creeds {(Koran 2:216 and 8:65) and (Bible, Matt 10:34 and Luke 12:49)} that use democracy to destroy humanity and to establish itself as a worldwide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacies of Christianity and Islam and demystify them. Muslims and Christians must be weaned from Christianity and Islam for humanity to live in peace.

Aryavrt Government is here to do it. Support us.

You are here Janab Asif Ahmed,


"81. And say: Truth has (now) arrived, and falsehood perished: For Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish. The Koran, 17th Chapter Bani Israil 17:81.

The footnote of Pickthal version reports that Allah through Muhammad recited the verse, after the destruction of 359 idols of Ka'bah. Muslims consider the very place, which is booty, most sacred place. In fact Muslims must return this place to idolaters, that too, after re-installing 359 idols got demolished by criminal Muhammad.

There is talk of court and mutual negotiation. Do Allah and Jehovah allow it?

"57. 'And by Allah, I (Abraham) shall circumvent your idols after ye have gone away and turned your backs.'"

"58. Then he (Abraham) reduced them to fragments, all save chief of them, that haply they might have recourse to it." 

Why must Qaba not be returned us?


Muslims abuse the faiths and gods of non-Muslims through their Azaan and Namaaz. Why Muslims be permitted to continue Azaan and Namaaz, which are cognizable offences u/s 153 and 295 of the Indian Penal Code?

Below is the elaboration of Azaan,

Muslims have no shame that they submit to dreaded incest monger, (Koran 33:37-38) assassin and robber Allah. (Koran, 8:1 and 17). Good Muslims are those, who relinquished liberty in lieu of booty and sex. Look! This is secularism. Democrats say, "This is peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance!" 


Let us examine, what they shout from their mosques,


Allahu Akbar Allah is the greatest

Allahu Akbar Allah is the greatest

Ash hadu an la ilaha illal lah I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah.

Ash hadu an la ilaha illal Lah I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah.

Ash hadu an-na Muhammadar rasulul lah I bear witness that Muhammad(saw) is the messenger of Allah.

Ash hadu Anna Muhammadar rasulul lah I bear witness that Muhammad(saw) is the messenger of Allah.

Hayya 'alas salah Come to payer

Hayya 'alas salah Come to Prayer.

Hayya 'alal falah Come to your Good

liayya 'alal falah Come to your Good.

Allahu Akbar Allah is the greatest

Allahu Akbar Allah is the greatest

La ilaha illal Lah There is no deity but Allah.

Pseudo secular humanists, liberals, and agnostics—you all are guilty of the very things you denounce in others. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are religions fabricated by their prophets establishing themselves as intermediaries to Gods. Today’s media, pseudo-secular humanists and sooth-sayers are misguiding humanity. This is lethal. The errant blending of crime with religion and calling fabricated religions peaceful, the reshaping of jihad and mission into spiritual struggles, and providing the impression that Islam and Christianity are tolerant and that the terrorists and missionaries are corrupting their religions, is fatal.  Thousands are being killed in the wake of their illusions.

Now sooth sayers may explain,

If 'There is no deity but Allah.' My Ishwar is false. I have no right to pray my Ishwar.

Where is my freedom of faith guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' of UNO?

In contrast our Gita gives even Muslims and Christians freedom of faith (Gita 7:21).

Nay! War is ordained against me (Koran 2:216).  

Allah, through his Koran commands, 'Fight them until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme.' (Koran 8:39)

Accordingly, my Vedic Sanaatan Dharm cannot survive.

Pray! Write me, where is peaceful co-existence, tolerance, Secularism and Multiculturalism in Islam?

We have been promised Ram Rajya by Pakpita. Why should we allow our Bharat become Islamic State? Where is my liberty, promised in the Indian Constitution? 

Allah wants me slain. I have right of private defense u/s 102 of the Indian Penal Code. Why should I not slay Muslims as per my legal right? 

 Muslims are crying like baby for burning their Koran. Our Nalnda and Taxsila libraries were burning for more than six months.


If the grievances of the Aryans are voiced in the Press, it is dubbed as blasphemy, which attracts FATWA of Islam and an attempt to spread communal hatred amongst the communities and made offences under Sections 153 and 295 of the Indian Penal Code for preventing every public discussion of the creeds of Christianity and Islam in general and of their prophets Jesus and Muhammad in particular. Governments in all Provinces of India grant sanction under section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code against those, who demand action against conversion, Azaan, Koran, Bible, Islam and Christianity. Nothing is done to redress the grievances of the Aryans, who are being slain, plundered, their women raped and their properties usurped by Muslims in Kashmir and Christians in Mizoram and Nagaland. Instead these Governments got peace prizes. For inciting communal hatred through Azaan Muslim Imaams get salaries amounting to Rs. 10 billion per year. Thus there is total disappointment in my attempt to bring pressure by peaceful means upon the Governments guided by the Indian Constitution, Antonia Maino and Pratibha.

May any court take suo motu action in the matter?

Christians and Muslims are the first victims of Christianity and Islam. They commit crime for their Prophets, Pope, fathers, Imaams, leaders and missionaries without having any inkling as to what are they doing! They kidnap women, rape them, kill innocent civilians. Muslim historians proudly tell us as to how many women were sold in Baghdad market and how many women were raped by Muhammad, after robbing and killing their near and dear. However, no sooner Serbs raped Muslim women and returned pregnant Muslims women to Muslims and when Israel killed civilians in Lebanon, Muslims cried for violation of human rights.

Dear reader. You are on cross road and have no choice. You are given an Indian Constitution to ensure your Genocide and eradication of Vedic culture. ARYAVRT wishes to get you rid of it. Are you willing to face challenge?

Our Vedic culture, our Bharat and our women are in unprecedented danger due to the presence of Antonia Maino. Apex court that has taken Zahira case suo motu must have to act. However, Apex court did not act.

 Islam is fraud imposed upon human race! Satan Allah promises heaven i.e. Jannat and puts Muslims in grave hell since inception of Islam. They would remain there until Qayamat i.e. Day of Judgment.

Muslims! Do not play in the hands of Christianity. Apply your wisdom. Christianity is exploiting your Islam to eradicate Vedic culture. No sooner Vedic culture would be eradicated, Christianity would devour Islam and their kingdoms. 

 Go through the email below,


Dear Minette

I am pleased to read your article under the head, It’s not a phobia, Lady Warsi- it’s rational to fear Islam, published in The Sunday Times, (23 January 2011).


We appreciate your courage to defy the treacherous "political correctness" and speak your mind frankly and boldly. We wish more journalists were of your kind and calibre.


The bestial crimes of ISLAM against mankind are too many to put in a small article when we need books to give details right from the time Mohammed set off from Mecca to "conquer the world".


He was preceded by some and succeeded by many of his kind whose names we know. They all met with defeat and death while Mohammed got away. It is because he was smart enough to enforce and impose whatever he proclaimed by adding the phrase, "Allah said so."


He knew that none will defy Allah and thus accept his crude code of conduct with regard to abduction, rape, murder and land grab (Jihad).


So, "in the name of Allah," any loafer, vagabond, adventurer, dimwit, philanderer, schizophrenic or disgruntled man can legally have up to four wives, divorce one who wasn't prepared to be slave or concubine, by merely saying "talaaq" (divorce) three times, beat and starve a disobedient female, pronounce the verdict to amputate foot or hand or even gouge out the eyes of a thief or rebel, kill anyone who left the suffocating mental "prison" of Islam, call everyone "KAFIR" who did not submit to Mohammed, and behead him in public, flog women in public, blow up girls's schools, invade any country for its gold, silver and women, wantonly destroy temples, synagogues and churches and even PARTITION a country on achieving demographic majority in any part of region. India had her five provinces amputated when the intolerant & separatist "Islamic gangrene" spread. Cyprus lost its Northern part and Serbia lost Kosovo for the same reason.


Shrewd Mohammed declared, "thus spoke Allah", and had a book written up, calling it KORAN. It is the compelling Code of Conduct for a "fighter-killer" like no other incendiary literature on earth.


Century after century, it has produced Jihadis, Mujahideen, Ghazis and TERRORISTS who have destroyed civilized nations by converting the inhabitants and crushing their human rights. 


The modern version of a "good Muslim", never condemned by the rest, is the suicide bomber who blows him-/herself up for maximum carnage and loss of innocent life. 


The massacre at the airport near Moscow, the explosion on train in Madrid, the Underground & bus bombings in London, the destruction of WTC towers in New York, the massacre of Greeks in Northern Cyprus and desecration of their churches, the genocide in West Punjab and East Bengal (Noakhali), the destruction of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Grand Temple at the birth place of Sri Rama at Ayodhya, and Sophia Hagis, a church built over 1400 years ago in Istambul, all can be traced back directly, without any diversion, to Mohammed of Mecca himself and his Book, the Koran, as the primary source of belligerency, murder, plunder, abduction, rape and land grab.


Coming back to ENGLAND, it is absolutely beyond belief that our Government, entrusted with our security today and safety tomorrow, should let in so many Muslims and then give them all the encouragement to bring in more, convert freely and procreate at disproportionately excessive rate so that this country, too, adopts Islam as its official religion eventually.


All the senior citizens, who still remember how difficult it was to escape slavery under HITLER, are now asking, "How will we get rid of Islam and Koran, if our grandchildren are not to live in the "Islamic Republic" of England?"


For those who were born in LAHORE and DHAKA when these cities were in one country, the question has become irrelevant now.


Since Muslims everywhere regard Mohammed as their Prophet and blindly believe like unquestioning morons that Koran is the Word of Allah, we should regard Islam as global menace and the enemy of women's dignity and equality, secularism and democracy.


Please follow up the sad tale of just one young woman rendered a widow in prime of her life, condemned to live the life of grief & mourning while bringing up her children single-handed in the aftermath of widespread massacres in West Punjab, India, during 1947.


None can give a better testimonial on the character of Mohammed and the destructive propensity acquired by his followers through brainwashing and conditioning, than she.


Status of Woman in Christianity and Islam

Extracted from Bible Deuteronomy/ Chapter 20 / Verse 14

14. “As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the LORD your God gives you from your enemies.

Extracted from Bible, Old Testament, Isaiah/ Chapter 13 / Verses 16.

16. Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their own eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives ravished.

Now read about the religion of Financial racketeer Pratibha.

Extracted from Koran, Surat The Cow (2) Verse 223.

“2:223. Your women are a tilth for you ...” The sons are legitimate owners of the tilth of fathers. Still a Muslim, who admires Allah and oppose Sati glorification, neither intercourses with his mother nor condemns Koran.

 Similarly Koran exhorts Muslims for war 2:216, legitimates booty (Koran 8:1 and 41) and the rape of women of alien faiths (Koran 4:24; 23:6; 33:50 and 70:30). Nay! Koran teaches treachery with motherland 2:255.

Extracted from Koran, Surat Al-Anbiyya(23): Verse 06

The very Koran of Fahd reports in the footnote,

“The Muslim must guard himself against every kind of sex abuse or sex perversion. The new psychology associated with the name of Freud traces many of our hidden motives to sex, and it is common knowledge that our refinement or degradation may be measured by the hidden workings of our sex instincts. But even the natural and lawful exercise of sex is restricted to the marriage bond, under which the rights of both parties are duly regulated and maintained.” Extracted from the Koran of King Fahd, the custodian of two mosques Mecca and Madinah. See Koran Surat 70 verses 29 and 30 also.

Note: Where are the rights of captured women? In fact intercourse with concubine, whose near and dear had been slain and their properties looted, who is helpless, is heinous crime and sin both. This is insult of humanity and womanhood.

The Very comment, moreover, goes to prove that Islam honours Muslim women alone. Non-Muslim women have no rights! See below,

“6. Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond or (the captives) whom their right hand possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.”

Of course the above dogmas have full support of the Indian Constitution, the Article 29(1) of which stipulates,




“Cultural and Educational Rights

‘’29. Protection of Interests of Minorities-(1) Any section of the citizens residing in the territories of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script, or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.’’

The one of the real meanings of CULTURE as mentioned in Webster Dictionary is, ' the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group'

Thus, Muslims and Christians can rape any woman of alien faith if one has power. No one can stop them. In lieu of such crime they would secure berth in heaven!

Status of woman in Ved

In contrast there is Vedic Sanskriti. It grants liberty of worship of god of one's choice. (Gita 7:21). Supports right to property. (Manusmriti 8:308). Vedic culture Provides supreme authority and goddess status to women.

Vedic culture has goddess of wealth named Lakshmi, goddess of knowledge named Saraswati (to whom Muslims hate). Has Islam any woman goddess?

No religion supports virgin mothers. In fact sexual intercourse without marriage is sin and crime both even in Christianity and Islam. However, the founder of Christianity is Jesus who is son of a virgin mother named Marium. Again Jesus is ghost. Virgin mothers are found in Christianity alone.

 “Koran 2:223. Your women are a tilth for you ..." The sons are legitimate owners of the tilth of fathers. Still a Muslim neither scorns ban on Sati glorification, nor intercourses with his mother nor condemns Koran.

No Muslim visits his worship place named mosque at the time of marriage! Although even their Christian cousins visit Church at the time of their marriage.

It is wrong to suggest that women and men have equal status.

Women must note that they are breeding their own enemies. The home which they build for years, give birth to children i.e. the enemies of human race, who either shout Azaan or recite Namaaz if male, or breed female, who again breed their own enemies, are being thrown out of their very home with the reciting of 'TALAK' thrice in this very Bharat. They have no forum to get even maintenance! They live under protracted fear of Talak.

Once these women, who are born free by the nature, decide to stop sexual relations with those having faith of criminal Islam and Christianity, these religions would die in absence of regeneration.

Where are the Human Rights activists? What the women Commission, under the chairman ship of Girija Vyas, is doing?

If you are really serious for the survival of human race, fight against criminal religions named Christianity and Islam.

Saptapadi is the most important ritual in Vedic Brahma Vivah (marriage). The bride becomes real owner of what ever the groom earns and possesses. Marriage is not contract like Islamic Nikah.

It is hard truth that on the strength of the supremacy of men dominated media, women are deliberately kept ignorant of the true situation.

Decision is in the hands of Muslim and Christian women. They are on the cross roads. Whether the Muslim women would like to live under the sword of Talak, deprived of any liberty, education and service or would like to have liberty and security? Vedic Panth would not support Veil and confinement within 4 walls of house. No contract marriage in Vedic Panth. Read history of Swayambar of Prithvi Raj and Sanyogita. Aryans women had no PARDA SYSTEM.

Women are responsible for generation of human race. Whether would they help Aryavrt protect human race or would like the eradication of human race. Decision is in their hands.

These writing would not help. The Sections 102 and 105 of the Indian Penal Code provide every human being the right of private defence. Muslims and Christian women may relinquish their faiths to protect human race. Aryavrt has resolved to support and rehabilitate every Christian and Muslim woman. Rise to the occassion. Help Aryavrt to save human race. Vedic Panth is here to support, rehabilitate, and protect those women, who relinquish the criminal faiths of Islam and Christianity and join Vedic Panth. Such women may write Aryavrt Government or even phone in distress. Our address is : Aryavrt Government, Women Wing, 77-Khera Khurd, Delhi-110082. Phone: +91 9350601144.

No one has courage to oppose Christianity and Islam. What have I written above is in fact blasphemy attracting death penalty. Muslims have liquidated Swami Shraddhanand and Rajpal. They may kill me as well.

Tulsidas has written in Ram Charit Manas,



Meaning: In lust of material gain or scared if preacher, minister, and Doctor tell alie, the religion, government and body are ruined very fast.

In fact Imranas (the daughter in law raped by father in law) are in every Muslims' home. They are compulsions of Islam as quoted above. Even the founder of Islam named Muhammad had married his daughter-in-law Jainab after getting his son Zaid divorced his wife. That too with the command of criminal Allah. See Koran 33:36-37. Muslims, who imposed Fatwas, that Imrana would, hereinafter be mother of Noor Ilahi, her husband, and grand mother of her own children, are concealing the facts that the Fatwas have sanction in Islam. The real situation is that, as written above, in fact sons are legitimate owners of tilths of their father. Accordingly, Noor Ilahi as well as Muhammad Ali both has equal right of intercourse with Imrana.

The religion, which is based on the exploitation of lust for sex and booty, cannot stop the creation of Imranas by just punishing Muhammad Ali.

The survival of human race is in jeopardy due to the presence of the Indian Constitution, Koran and Bible. These books are dear to the world because these books support slavery, booty and sex.

Mend yourself my dear Janab Asif Ahmed,

The days of Islam are numbered. Sooner you reject Islam, better it would be.

Those willing to know more may E-mail us on

Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi.

Press Secretary, Government of Aryavrt.

77, Khera Khurd, Delhi-110082 (BHARAT)

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