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Unity/Secularism/Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan,  (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure.


We, Vedic Panthies are proud to belong to Vedic Sanaatan Dharm, which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. While Aryans’ communal Vedic Culture has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of earth, secular Christianity or Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. You remained a Parsi, because your ancestors migrated to Bharat.

Hindu unity is impossible. Look as to how one Moses spread his religion up to Egypt and as to how is there not a single Jew in entire Egypt today?

How one Jesus converted the globe into biggest Christian population?


How one Mohammed became biggest threat for Christianity in the world today?

Unity is against nature. You cannot find two persons of same face and two minds of same opinion. Hindus have to exploit the differences and conflicts among the sects of Christianity and Islam and half world viz. women, the first victims in Christianity and Islam.

When these men with criminal dogmas, could spread their immoral, corrupt, freebooter, killer and rapist religions, why can’t we having ethical and moral Vedic Sanaatan Dharm?

We, the activists of Abhinav Bharat and Aryavrt Government, are fighting so that your women be not raped, (Koran 23:6) and (Bible, Isaiah 13:16), you be not slain etc., it was Hemant Karkare, who pushed beef in the mouth of our Jagatguru, stripped off Sadhvi Pragya and broken leg of Col. Prasad Shri Kant Purohit. Are this patriotism? Yog Guru Ram Dev declared them martyrs and gave them Rs. 75 lacs. Do you not feel horrified for such criminal police officers in union government? You are a puppet playing through the string of Sonia, the cow and man eater. Hounded out by Islam and Allah, your ancestors came to Bharat. Where would your descendents go from Bharat? You are leading industrialist, because of Vedic culture and its followers. If you would not support us, you won't survive. You would be deprived of every thing with you and ultimately slain.

The perpetrators of Islamic terror and Christianity's Mission are inflamed with violent and racist doctrines. The doctrines are ' Fight them (Kafirs) until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme.' (Koran 8:39) and “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me.” Bible, Luke, Chapter 19 Verse 27. Both have agenda, and you are ignorant of it. If you would not help us retaliate, humanity would finish.

We, the Vedic Panthy victims of Malegaon bomb conspiracy, are fighting to protect you. Our 12 officers are victims of the conspiracy of bastard and ghost Jesus, who devoured 100 million redindians and their Maya culture. Now,through his sheep Sonia, Jesus is after black Indians and Vedic Sanaatan Dharm. We are minority among minorities of the world. Our President, Judges and Governors have taken oath to defend us. [(Articles 60 and 159 of the Indian Constitution). Our Vedic Sanaatan Dharm has to be upheld by the judges. (The Indian Constitution as per Schedule III forms IV and VIII)]. Our Vedic culture, Gurukul system of education, Sanskrit language and devnagari script are on the brink of extinction. Nay! Christianity and Islam have divine command as well as unfettered fundamental right to slay Vedic Panthies. [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution] and shielded vide Sections 196 and 197 of the Criminal Procedure Code by Governors.

The main issue is, "Why should mosque survive on earth?" We have been promised freedom of faith. Why should we accept Islam demanded in Azaan? The issue has successfully been thwarted.

The weakest ring is the strength of a chain. The successful strategy would be striking at the weakest ring.

Our first mistake is that we do not know our enemies.

The brilliant Chinese philosopher of war, Sun Tsu, has the dictum -- know the enemy. We must know the doctrine of our enemy else be annihilated.

We must learn the doctrine of political Christianity and Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer aliens. Christianity and Islam are self-proclaimed enemy of non Christian nations and unbelievers.

While Aryans’ Vedic Culture  provided shelter to every faiths, Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. They are after the last partially survived Vedic culture. Let Aryavrt Government salvage Vedic culture. The Indian Constitution has been compiled by the Britons' Congress Party in retaliation and to settle vendetta for opposing British rule amongst other reasons.

The dualism of Democracy, Christianity and Islam are more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the people of alien faiths. The people of alien faiths can be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well after one becomes slave else be slain. So Democracy, Christianity and Islam can be "nice", but in no case is the person of alien faith a "brother" or a friend.

I am quoting Dr Ali Sina's review below with one exception. I am including Christians and their Jesus. Further, I want to make it clear that I never read the Sami Alrabaa's book.

“The stories in Sami Alrabaa's book are captivating, but at the same time harrowing, chilling, tormenting and distressing. When I picked the book I did not want to put it down, but there were moments that I just could not read further. I had to stop, go out for a walk, breathe and clear my mind. The horrendous stories of violence, of human rights abuses, of inhumanity and of sheer evil in this book are simply unbearable. It is unbelievable that a place such as Saudi Arabia could exist.

“This book must be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to travel to Saudi Arabia for any reason. If you know anyone thinking of going there, give them this book. It can save their problem with Saudi Arabia, as well as other Muslim and Christian countries. It is not just the governments that are all corrupt, but also the people. People commit unthinkable atrocities to each other with clarity of conscience and gleefully. Muslims are not underdeveloped technologically, but morally, ethically and spiritually. What is wrong with them is their ethos, their mindset, the way they think and perceive the world. They have values that are inconceivable in civilized societies. The problem with them is their religion. People are born innocent everywhere; it is the way they are raised and educated that makes them different. Islamic teachings reduce humans into beasts. In the name of Islam, Muslims commit atrocities that curl the blood. The stories narrated by Alrabaa are factual. They are real stories that happened to real people. And yet they are more incredible than fiction.

Islamic societies are ruled by insanity. There is no polite way to describe it. Islam is insanity. The more a country follows Islam the more draconian become its laws, the more tyrannous become its rulers and the more barbarous become its people. Saudi Arabia, being the heart of Islamic faith, is also the most evil country in the world.

Only one thing can help these people and that is to help them get rid of Islam. It is Islam that is the cause of their incivility, wickedness and intellectual torpor. People are the same everywhere. It is their beliefs that make them act differently. Islam cannot be reformed, but it can be demolished. Once it is demolished, civility will be restored in Islamic countries and terrifying stories such as these will be history.

We owe it to them; we owe it to their children and to mankind to rescue Muslims from the yoke of Islam and set them free. This is doable if people talk, if they tell the truth and let the world know what is happening in the name of Christianity and Islam in Christian and Muslim countries. Truth will set them free. Alrabaa has done his part in spreading the truth; the rest is up to us. Within these stories lies the horrifying truth about Islam.


Note! Aryavrt is fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are fabricated  to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive.

I feel pity for the Aryan officers, who have no shame that they are serving notorious criminals and are ever ready to commit suicide for their sustenance. I suggest them not to fall prey to democracy. They must resign from their posts if they have least moral. They may join Aryavrt and serve the humanity.

These cultures are fabricated  to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive.

Dear human being! Death is hovering on your head in the form of Jehovah, Jesus and Allah.

Ostensibly, there is democracy in India. However, there is dictatorship of Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi aided and abetted by the Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution.

Can any body dare to support our human cause? If not, how can one survive?

I feel pity for human ignorance. Peace is taboo in Islam. Allah commands, (Koran 2:216 and 8:65) “Fight until persecution, which is worse than slaughter, (Koran, 2:191) is no more and religion is all for Allah.” (Koran 8:39). Thus, Islam, camouflaged as secular, is a religion of the sword with the blade forever at the throat of every unbeliever. Allah has consigned those Muslims, who did not adopt crusade (Jihad) and observed peace to their grave hell, since the inception of Islam. They would bear the punishment until Qayamat i.e the Day of Judgment. However, those who plundered, murdered, raped women of non-Muslims, became Ghazi, if survived, and secured instant supreme heaven (Firdaus) if slain. Allah is fraud. Allah promises heaven but consigns Muslims in hell until The Day of Judgment.

When I got demolished Babri structure, media was telling that mob has no right to take law in her hand. Media is wrong. I am quoting the sections of the Indian Penal Code that show that mob can take law in her hand. Read on …

Indian Penal Code

“96. Nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise of the right of private defense.”
"99. ... There is no right of private defence in cases in which there is time to have recourse to the protection of the public authorities."

 “102. Commencement and continuance of the right of private defence of the body.—The right of private defence of the body commences as soon as a reasonable apprehension of danger to the body arises from an attempt or threat to commit the offence though the offence may not have been committed; and it continues as long as such apprehension of danger to the body continues.”

“105. Commencement and continuance of the right of private defence of property.—The right of private defence of property commences when a reasonable apprehension of danger to property commences. ...”

The apex court had taken cases of Zahira Sheikh and Bilkis Yakoob suo motu. (http://www.achrweb.org/reports/india/AR05/INDIA-AR2005.pdf). The Apex court’s chief Justice V.N. Khare had warned the Gujarat Govt., "We cannot remain a silent spectator to its in action in Best Bakery case." Khare had also said to Modi, “you have to protect people and punish the guilty...you quit if you can’t prosecute the guilty."

The apex court failed to take the cases of Kashmere Aryans and Riangs of Mizoram suo motu, to prove her moral.