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Passport Raul Vinci

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Rahul and Sonia Gandhi's Citizenship Status :

Rahul Gandhi is an Italian citizen and shouldn't be promoted as a Prime Ministerial material as is done by the crazy Congress party. When he was born, Sonia was Italian citizen and by Italian law such a child bares Italian citizenship by default. Besides by Indian law if you want to get Indian citizenship then you have to renounce any other citizenship and Rahul Gandhi hasn't renounced his Italian citizenship yet. He uses Italian passport and the name on that passport is "Raul Vinci" not "Rahul Gandhi".
Sonia Gandhi couldn't produce a certificate from Italian government at the time she was applying for Indian citizenship and Indira Gandhi made the government officer accept a letter from Italian Ambassador instead. As per Indian law, any dissatisfactory material found ANY TIME in the case of citizenship grant can lead to cancellation of Indian citizenship.
Why is there a different justice to Rahul and Sonia?
A case was lodged by Dr. Subramanyam Swami, against Rahul and Sonia on this issue, but when the court needed "Letter Rogatory" to send to which in turn needs FIR from the government, but, the FIR never arrived.
This case can be revived any time, if justified government comes into the power and should persue this case and send both Rahul and Sonia back as they are not Indian citizens.
It would be overwhelmingly stupid for Indians to simply nod thier heads (as they always do) and allow Rahul to be projected as a Prime Ministerial candidate.
None of them is worthy of a visitors visa of India, let alone the citizenship and then the prime ministership. Every Indian should know about it.
It is also surprised by the fact that not a single media source has taken up the issue and did their little "Sting Operation" on this one.

Union of India has initiated action against Acharya Bal Krishna for passport. What action Union of India would take against Rahul Gandhi alias Raul Vinci?

Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi (Press Secretary)



ap tripathi,
Jul 7, 2011, 10:05 AM